Where is rapel service located?

You can get rapel service in an area around Yogya including Magelang, Sukoharjo, and Semarang. For more information you can click here and see where the exact location of rapel service area is.

What kind of waste that could be sold via rapel?

You can sell every inorganic waste that still has an economic value such as paper, plastic, metal, glass bottle, even used electronic. For more information you can click here and look through the waste catalogue what things that can be sold using rapel.

How to become a user?

Just download rapel application via play store and register. Remember to input your active phone number when registering

How to become a collector?

Here are the steps to become a collector :

  1. Contact rapel management via
  2. Fill Rapel registration form
  3. Honest, resilient, and has a good personality
  4. Has an email and smart phone
  5. KTP and SIM
  6. Has a vehicle
  7. Willing to join rapel application training
  8. Willing to follow the rules

Fail to register

If you have problem like :

  1. Input the wrong phone number
  2. Phone number already registered
  3. Do not get the verification code
  4. Other problem

You can access https://wdp.rapel-id.com/dukungancepat to get your problem solved quickly. If you still got some problem you can chat us via whatsapp in 081344253862 or by email in support@rapel.id. We would gladly solve your problem.

How much waste weight needed to be sold by using rapel?

Its just 1 kg. By collecting 1 kg waste you could sell your waste via rapel.

What time does rapel operate?

Our collectors are ready to collect your waste everyday from 6 am to 9 pm

Can I use another platform to get rapel service?

No, we are not providing our service using platform beside android. If you are using iphone wait for us in app store. Hope you could use our service soon.